The road to V1.3 (part II)

Components gets new versions thus....

From time to time, we need to upgrade our components due to the fact that the used libraries get updated. That's a natural process, and we try to keep track of them, but sometimes we need to wait for the unit the new specifications are there and the most issues fixed. That's the reason why we do work on the Bootstrap 5 implementation, although it is still beta. Today we have started working on the new version of ChartJS. They entered version 3, and that brings breaking changes. Therefore we need to see what we can do to overcome this in a way that we don't break the code in our components. But it could mean that some properties need to change, some new ones will appear and some old ones might disappear. But we will try to keep the changes to a bare minimum, preferably none!

We had some questions regarding the availability of the pre-releases of newer versions. First of all, we have a tight testing procedure. After we have completed some tasks, then it is handed over to the beta test team. If we get no serious issues we will do a pre-release so that the change becomes available to the public. If you are a registered user then you can download and install the pre-release but keep in mind that it will overwrite your current install. Of course, you can always revert back by a regular install, but it is important to know that you cannot run a regular and a pre-release together. That is a huge difference from the alpha and beta versions, which installs as a separate install. The main reason for the pre-release is that we can test the new release in a production environment.

To install a pre-release you need to start the PHsPeed config and then go to versions. There's a second tab that you can select, and check the pre-release version. Then you can go back to the releases page and you will be able to install the latest pre-release. We do not announce the availability of pre-releases. On our website, you can see if, when, and what releases have been made. We have some power users that are informed as they perform an important task in our testing procedure. But any help here is always helpful.

If you have thoughts, ideas, wishes, please don't hesitate to report them. We do want to know what is important for our users.

Happy coding!

09 May 2021 Blog None