The road to V1.3

Full throttle.... and YouTube

Now started developing version 1.3. Some nice heavily requested functions are now under development!

While developing applications in PHsPeed can be made fast, we have found ways to speed up the development process even faster. Ever needed to change a property in one application and needed to apply that to all the other applications in your project? Or, do you want to set new default values for properties because you always had to change them? Well, as of version 1.3, you can. There is no need to adjust the component files anymore (because they are overwritten on each new release), but a decent function to override the defaults. In fact, you can do that on two levels—Global, which affects all your projects, and projects which affect only the files in your project. The function can be accessed from the property editor when you use the right mouse-click. The use of the function is quite easy: you select a property and change it to the value you require. Then use the right mouseclick to apply the change to the defaults. Then you have three options. First to save the preference which will be used on each new component you put on the form, and/or apply the change over your full project. Example? You want to set the 'selected row' property of all your grids. Then go to the property, change the value, use right mouseclick and apply the change to your full project. You can also choose to save the preference for future use.

What if you want to make the same changes in your other projects? Apply the default to the global settings and then load your project. Go to the property editor and use the right mouse button to start the bulk function.

Restarting the YouTube channel.

Until now, we have used Vimeo as our main video channel. From now on, we have revived our YouTube channel. We will create videos regularly and will show how to create full working applications. These will be available for download for registered users. The first one in progress is a system for maintaining user contacts, We will start simple, but over time the system will become more mature and show most of the features of PHsPeed.

If you are developing applications that you want to share with other users, please let us know.

Low code platform or no-code platform?

These questions have been dealt with before, but they keep on coming up. PHsPeed is a low-code platform and not a no-code platform. Yes, you can develop applications without a single line of code, but you have to stay within the lines. In no-code environments, you still need to make decisions if you need to modify standard behavior. Sometimes in a menu, sometimes graphical, but it is still a complex form of changing things. Menus can have many options, and graphical design is growing fast and become unclear....and it is still a form of programming. In PHsPeed, you can apply small pieces of PHP to change the behavior, and no, you don't have to be an experienced developer as you only need a basic knowledge of PHP. We will release a video on this subject soon.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Please create an account on our forum and put your questions there. Most of our customers use our service desk, but if you have issues that you want to share with others, please use the forum too.

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