Version 1.1: Beta testing has started

Beta tested has started. Prepare for the changes...

We expect to release version 1.1. before the end of this month. Beta testing has already started, and so far, we only found minor stuff. One issue is still bugging us, and that is the fact that some users cannot download, install, and run the application. We want to address that in 1.1. The first change we applied is the possibility to deploy a pre-release. This way, we can test our production environment without disturbing the user experience. And our focus is on 'running out-of-the-box.'

We are facing two issues. The first one is a change after a windows update that we cannot elevate our MSI after downloading it from our website. Microsoft has validated our software already, and you can download it without issues. However, once it starts running the internal installer, you get an elevation error. We want to fix that.

Second, in some situations, Apache is not responsive for some reason. In general, we can fix these issues with our service desk, but we want to have a rock-solid install procedure. 

Then we are also working on a 'complete' new version 2.0. Actually, a front-end designer started working on the interface, and we already decided that we want to make changes to the code editor and form designer. As we want to avoid maintaining two sets of code, you will see in the upcoming versions changes that will not implement new functionality per se but provides a better user interface. The new PHP version selector is an example of that. 

On our forum and bug tracker, you can follow progress. So a new release, PHP 8.0, and a significant increase in attention. That's GOOD news. Why report issues? Well, that is because of what we are and what we believe in.  Open in our communication, and honest about the things we do. We avoid making promises that we cannot keep. PHsPeed is a great product. It honestly is. We believe that it is currently the best product in the market. But it doesn't mean that we never have issues and that we don't make mistakes. We do, and we're proud of that, as long as you learn from that.

If you are new to PHsPeed, or just interested in what the product is and can do, look into our introduction videos and free webinars. We started a Q&A webinar where we answer our users' questions that might be helpful for our community. So if you are a customer, attend, you will learn a lot from these as we are. It's a great way to get into contact with us and share your feelings.

Happy developing!

18 Dec 2020 Blog None