Version 1.2: what will it bring?

We're finishing our 1.2 release. New features, enhancements and... not so many bugfixes ;-)

Not so many bugfixes must have attracted you, didn't it? Well actually, that's the good news, as there are not so many bugs on the bug tracker. We did fix a few things though. But more importantly, we have been working hard on some of the enhancements we want to announce. They are all in beta currently and will be released in 1.2.

1. New module for modifying your form layout

You have used the generator to create a fast crud form. Loads of fields and now you want to change the layout to a multi-column form or move the fields around. In the current version, you probably use the component viewer where you can drag and drop rows, columns, and fields, but as it is tree-organized it does have its issues. The new module analyses your form and creates two grids: one for panels, areas, rows, and tabs, the other of (columsn and) fields. With a few mouse clicks you can change column count of rows, split and join rows, add tab and tabsheets. This will improve your workflow significantly!

2. Component for selecting colors

This is a simple component that allows you to pick a color and assign that to a field.

3. Component for Google maps

You need to supply a Google API key, but then you can create google maps the easy way. Add as many points as you wish, change pin and colors, and use the component to translate addresses to longitude and latitude coordinates.

4. Component for MFA

This component can generate QR codes to store in your mobile and then use your mobile for multi-factor authentication. Use google authenticator code as an additional login.

More features are still under development and will be announced in the next blog.

Then some more words about our (pretty empty) forum. So far we have been working with paying customers and they use our service desk for support. That is - for paying customers - the preferred way. For a short period of time, we have opened up our forum for non-paying developers that want to try PHsPeed out. However, as they can have an account on our service desk as well, it appears that most developers are using our support center. Old habits don't change much wink We've been asked to close the forum as it gives the impression that nothing is happening here. However, we think that its just a temporary situation.

Our license model.

We have had some discussions with our customer base regarding our licensing structure. Currently, this is based upon a yearly fee, that decreases over time. If the license expires, the IDE will refuse to work any more, unless you buy an unlock key. We must admit that in these uncertain times where Covid rules the world, people might be careful and don't want to take a license that expires every year. Therefore we have decided to go back to our original licensing model. Licenses will expire, but the software will keep on working, but without the updates. So if you decide not to renew your license, then the software will keep on functioning. But you will not receive any more updates, obviously. For customers that already are in that situation, please contact our support department so that we can help you. In the upcoming weeks we will change the licensing software and website so that you can read the changed conditions. Regarding pricing, nothing changes. But if you skip a license period, you loose your benefits and fall back to the original pricing if you want to continue at a later date.

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