Version 2.0 coming...

Version 2.0 is coming and...

PHsPeed version 2.0 is currently under test and is expected to be released at the end of this year. In the upcoming blogs, we will you inform about the new features, but in short:

editor: code completion

  • The code completion has been improved. It is aware of the properties of a class and allows you to fast select the form variable and property after you have typed $$
  • We also have made it possible to select properties of runtime classes. Because older versions of PHP do not allow typed properties, we cannot predict its type and retrieve the appropriate properties. But we can have you select the class and then present the properties. This prevents you from diving into the documentation to determine the exact specification of a property or method.

IDE improvement

  1. Further improvements on the form designer
  2. Added the possibility to add session variables to queries.
  3. Editing properties of grid fields has an additional property editor to allow more easy change of field properties.
  4. Synchronizing runtime javascript runtime changes

Application wizard

  • Added the possibility to use DBQuery on generated applications besides DBTable, allowing to use of complex selects.
  • Added the possibility to set icon sets to allow single CUD functions or icons for delete/update
  • Added the possibility to define the icon set to use on database operations
  • Added a wizard to generate a calendar/agenda application

new components

  • Some, which we will describe later.

Database grid

  • Grouping based upon functions, like totals, grand totals, mean, etc.
  • Refined search

Application settings

  • Configurable check to avoid losing changes when the user attempts to close a browser (window)
  • Added functionality for geolocation (including the question for the end-user to allow that)

Of course, each and every upgrade has changes that potentially can break your code. New functionality means that there are more properties, that there are changes in javascript to be applied. So if a major release of PHsPeed comes out, what are the consequences of your code?

First of all, most of the time if you do not use the new features, you don't have to do anything. In general, we always set defaults to new properties that will avoid consequences in your application. However, sometimes that is simply not possible. In that case, we always provide you with documentation that informs you how to proceed on issues. And we have applied tooling to make migration easier.

  • First of all, changes in the PHP runtime does usually have no consequences for your applications. A full rebuild of your project is sufficient to make your code compatible with the latest runtime.
  • Second, changes in Javascript can have consequences as regeneration of code will not be applied automatically to your javascript. The reason is that it would overwrite your own javascript changes. Because most developers do not touch the javascript we have applied a synchronization button that you can use to perform the changes semi-automatically. It will change all code but per application. Actually, if you do not want to use the new features, you can skip this step, but if you do you simply need this.
    Of course, you can perform this step only on applications that use the new functions. But then you need to keep track that you do this when you update another module. It is up to you.

How to handle 'white screens'?

In general, when you have a white screen, then you have some errors in your code. The first step is to open up the javascript debugger. If you see a lot of red spots, then the first step you should take is to synchronize the javascript functions. Go to your module, select the javascript editor and click the synchronize button. It will show you the modules that need updating. Click on the update button to perform that task, save the code, and rerun the application. If you do not see many red spots, you most likely will see under the editor an exception list of the found issue(s). If you still have an issue after fixing the PHP errors, then contact support.

Black Friday

We have received questions about black Friday and if we have special discounts. Compared to competitive products we think that we have a fair pricing point. We also believe that we would disappoint customers that bought PHsPeed outside of the promotion. For that reason, we do not do promotions like black Friday. BUT... if you decide to buy a license this year (until 31/12/2021), then you will get a free 3-month extension to your license period.

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