Version 2.1 released

Today we released version 2.1 and...

Development continues.

After extensive testing, we released version 2.1 according to our timetable. In the previous blog, we already mentioned the new features. A very nice feature is defining tabs in the application wizard. Very useful for situations where you have a lot of fields in your table and don't want to have it all displayed on one page. Of course, you can always change the layout afterward, but that is an extra step that can be avoided now.

We also enhanced the dbgrid component. It is now possible to assign fields as searchable, setting up a separate block above the grid that allows users to enter search criteria. It is an alternative for the free-query component that allows users to create their query visually. Still, it is too complex to many as it requires some knowledge about the database. Very useful for data administrators but too complex for many end-users. So there is an alternative now.

Another change is the ability to break the processing of rows. If you have a process button that processes selected rows of a grid, you could not abort the process easily. The function OnProcessRows and OnEndProcessRows now require a return value of true (continue) or false (abort). It also allows you to use $app->ShowMessage(..) to show an error condition.

Finally, we want to mention the ability to reorder columns and save that layout for future use. As the function is bound to the grid, you can add a custom button and apply the functions you need. PHsPeed passes the information to onSetReorderColumn. It passes the visible columns and invisible columns in a separate variable. To restore, you can use onGetReorderColumn.

Of course, there are other enhancements, bug fixes, etc. You find them all in our bug tracker. Nothing secret!

Now version 2.1 is out, what will be in version 2.2? And when to expect?

If you have received our newsletter, then you know that we like to hear from you what features you are missing in PHsPeed. So we cannot tell exactly what will be in version 2.2. But as we are already working on some feature, we can give some insight.

Support for PayPal
We implemented a component for PayPal checkout. It's not for everybody, as you need to be approved by PayPal, but if you are and you want to create software in PHsPeed that requires PayPal, now you can.

Support for Google Enchaptcha
Don't like bots? Then this component might become handy

Audiovisual components
If you need to integrate Video or Audio, then you will find these new components useful.

Optional components

We listen to our customers, but it doesn't mean that we can do all. To prioritize changes and enhancements we rely on our customer input. So if you have ideas or needs, then don't hesitate to let us know. We have been asked for integration of Stripe, Verifone (former 2CheckOut) and more. But to do so, we need enough users that require these integrations, to get the priority it needs. That goes for many other requests that we have.

Happy coding!

14 Mar 2022 Blog None