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  • FS#92: If no datasource is present, clicking on the fields property breaks the program.

    Aducom Support

    See title.

  • FS#91: Installer can't delete folder when cancelling

    Víctor Ulloa

    <p>If the installer fails any step before creating the mysql\data folder, then it tries to delete the folder even when it doesn’t exists yet.</p>

  • FS#87: Problem with left-over server events, etc.

    Frank Missel

    I am following chapter 13 in the Developer Essential manual, implementing an AJAX event for a button that was earlier used as submit button.

    I change the button type from “submit” to “button” and enter the new code for the button events on server and client side.

    When compiling I get the error:

    “generation error in module main:btn_1_onClick not found in function form_1_onSubmitForm($app)

    echo $$edit_1-&gt;value;


    The strange thing is that the code “echo …” is not inside the main_form_1.php code anymore. The code was from earlier when the button was a submit button, but somehow the IDE must be holding onto that code from earlier.

    Add to this some questions about specification of server events:

    In the “onSubmitForm” PHP Event, I tried to play around and in the “Function” field change the text “onSubmitForm” to “onSubmitFor” (deleting the last letter). Nothing untowards seem to happen, but when I later press the edit button, the text is changed back to “onSubmitForm” and a new instance of the event code function is added to main_form_1.php:

    function form_1_onSubmitForm($app)

    Some comments/suggestions on this:

    1. It would be good if PHsPeed can find the existing instance of the event code and not generate a new one.

    2. If it does not make sense to manually edit the “Function” field under PHP Events (because only certain events and their text are relevant), it will be better to just lock the field, so only the possible valid values may be specified.

    3. If I don’t specify any text in the “Function” field for the event, but deletes all text so the field is empty and then later press the edit button again, PHsPeed does correctly find the first of the existing instances of the event code in main_form_1.php rather than add a new one.

  • FS#86: Default layout is not set when creating new project

    Aducom Support

    Layout variable is not taken over from the project screen while creating new project.

  • FS#85: New project is not taking over all parameters from default into db connection component

    Aducom Support


  • FS#84: Is there a way to delete a project

    Frank Missel

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to delete a project once it has been created. Sometimes one may just wish to create something fast to check something and therefore may not wish to keep the project afterwards, or one copies a project and later doesn’t need the old version anymore.

  • FS#83: When running and debugging applications, alerts are given but they disappear very fast

    Frank Missel

    I have noticed when running the sample app from the Developer Essentials manual, that alerts appear in the lower right corner, but they disappear very fast. I have tried to click the alert button and the panel opens up but only show two empty speech bubbles.
    The alerts should work like notifications in Windows 10. They pop up (but for a longer time than the PHsPeed alerts) and are afterwards visible in the notifications panel until they are cleared. I thought that the same would be the case for the alerts panel in PHsPeed.

  • FS#82: When selecting theme for a project many duplicate names are shown

    Frank Missel

    In the dropdown list for the field “Default theme” in the “Maintain Project” dialogue box there are, for example, four “bootstrap-grid” and “bootstrap-reboot” and two “Darkly” options. Perhaps they are in fact different themes, but that is not evident from the names, which are identical. On the other hand, if they are identical, only one should be seen.

  • FS#81: Project manager supresses empty nodes on search

    Aducom Support

    If you enter a search expression, filtering the project manager, then the nodes that contains no results are now suppressed. This results in a better overview of the results found.

  • FS#80: $_GET debugger cumulates application and ajax state

    Aducom Support

    Once in ajax state the ‘old’ $_GET variables of the first pass remain in the list. This is confusing as they are not valid any more in the ajax state.

| Date published: Thu, 24 Oct 2019 15:40:09 +0000
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