PHsPeed Video's

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How to create a grid with a crud modal form

This video shows you how to create a grid with a crud modal (pop up) form.

Architecture of PHsPeed

This video shows you basic information about the architecture of PHsPeed, application flow, and (ajax) events.

Role-based access

This video shows you the implementation of role-based-access in PHsPeed

Multilingual applications

This video shows you how to create multilingual applications in PHsPeed

Integrate external API (Jitsi video conferencing)

This video shows the use of the API integrator. In this sample, Jitsi is used.

Basic principles

This video shows a basic example of the IDE and how you can layout and create a code-less application. It shows the use of a Panel (Card), panel header, rows and columns (as PHsPeed uses the Bootstrap grid model), and some features of the IDE. This video is a 'must-see' as all other videos assume that you know these basics.

Simple login form

This video shows how to create a simple form with edit fields that can be submitted. Still, no code necessary. It assumes that you have seen and understand the hello world example. Added features include 'required' fields, password fields, bulk edit layout (to change the same property to multiple components).