Pricing (VAT not included!)

Standard license (first year) €299.-

Standard license (second, third, fourth, and fifth-year) €179.-

Standard license (sixth year and up) €99.-

  • These prices are based on a continuous license. If you do not renew your license then you will lose your discount and fall back to the standard license for the first year.
    User support is based upon our user forum (standard support)
  • Support is only supplied on the currently active version. We do not provide support on older versions.You will receive all updates (minor and major) during your license period.
  • If for some reason a new release does bring issues, then you can revert back to the older release until the issue is fixed. The license manager will keep at least 5 versions (1 actual, and 4 older) for download and install.

There is only one version of PHsPeed.