Basic component samples

On this page, you will find two sample applications (the project code is available in our download package).

Generic Samples

The generic sample contains simple pages that show you the presence of the basic available components. There is no real functionality, if you enter data, then it will be echoed back to the page.

  • Basic: these samples shows checkboxes, datetime picker, etc.
  • Graphics: this sample shows a few graphs, like a bar and pie chart
  • Utilities: these samples shows a file uploader, wysiwyg editor, a pdf generator by form, and a simple carousel

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Database Samples

The database samples are based upon the open-source Employee MySQL database. This database contains around 350.000 'persons', and around 3.500.000 salary records. Therefore this sample is a good example regarding performance. Because the sample uses database grids that can be quite large, this sample application is designed for tablet and desktop, not mobile phones. The screens are too small to show wide database grids.

Generic: use of horizontal and vertical menu's

  • General samples: simple grid, simple crud, grid report, drop down sample with dynamic add of an element by ajax call
  • Master/detail samples: simple sample, based upon building blocks, simpel sample, based upon datasource link)
  • Advanced samples: user query builder (end-user can create their own selects), grid with a complex query (using counts, group by and rollup), modal form, application host ('kind of IFrame,but in divs)
  • Grid drill down: select a department, zoom in to employees, zoom in to salary.

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