Try before you buy!

We are in the pre-release phase. To get access to our download, please register to one of our introduction webinars.

We are working hard on our documentation, videos, and all that is needed to get PHsPeed up and running. But we would like to give you a kick start. For that reason, we do introduction webinars, so that you can start with PHsPeed with more confidence. Make your learning curve as low as possible and register. In these videos, we will share the password you need to get PHsPeed installed.

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Try before you buy.

We want you to be happy with the software. So we offer a try-before-you-buy edition. Download our software, try it, for at least 20 days (max. 30 days), and decide if you want to buy a license. Please login, using the license manager, to buy a new license, additional licenses, or to renew your license. If you are a new user, then you will get access to this site after you have applied the license we have sent you. Use a valid email address. Yes, we know. There are all kinds of fake email addresses or email addresses that are valid for a limited amount of time. Fake email addresses always lead to a blocked account, sooner or later. As being a company stated in the EU, we need to comply with the EU privacy laws. We will NOT share your data with anybody except with the EU authorities if requested.

Our software is digitally Signed!

Since PHsPeed is a brand new product, it has no reputation so far. Some virus scanners might warn you for the download due to this reason. We are in contact with a lot of the producers to get our software whitelisted. To avoid issues, we have digitally signed our software so that you can be sure that it's from our environment and is safe to install. If the software is not digitally signed, then DO NOT INSTALL. Currently, our DNS is validated by Google, so downloading using Chrome should not be an issue anymore.

The 'developer essentials' manual can be downloaded here:  Manual

Download PHsPeed

The overall initial install procedure can take some time due to internet speeds and the overall size of the development package. If you download the MSI package and install directly then you can run into the 'The requested operation requires elevation' error message. If that is the case then close the procedure and find the phspeed.exe in the phspeed install folder. Doubleclick to execute. Or (better), download from the web, and install from there.

Download Visual Studio Runtime

If you start PHsPeed and get the error that VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing, then download the VS C++ Runtime 2015 from the Microsoft website.

Look at this 2 minute install video.

How do I verify digital signature?

First look at the MSI, use right mouse click to open properties. On the Digital Signatures tab, you should see something like below. After opening the MSI, the install will show a User Account Control page (digitally signed) in two steps. The first step shows a random number.msi that is used to open up the real application PHsPeed Setup (step 2)



I am a new user

Download the license manager and install it. The system will ask you to create an account and you receive a temporary license.

I am a registered user

If you are a registered user, then you can download the installer and log in. Within the installer, you can select your second license or transfer the license to another workstation.

How do I buy or renew my license?

  • If you are a new user, then you will not be able to buy the product within the first 20 days of the trial period. Except where we are forced by law, we do not support refunds because you have 30 days to try the product. Buying the product can be done by following the link that will appear in the license manager, or by the link in the email that we send you after 20 days.
  • If you are an existing user, then you can renew by following the link in the license manager or the email that we send you as a reminder.

I want to renew, but my license is already expired.

Two options. Within the first month of expiration, you are still able to renew the license with the discount. After this period, you need to buy a new license, and your VIP years will be reset to 0. The IDE for perpetual license holders will keep functioning, but there will not be any updates. If your installation gets lost for any reason, you can redownload your latest version from our archive website for a maximum of 3 years.

I want to buy more licenses for my company.

If you require a large number of licenses (more than 10), then please contact sales.

What's my return of investment (ROI)?

That might differ, depending on where you live. But an estimate:

Suppose that you or your developer require 200 hours for an assignment (one month), and the hourly wages are €40. Then the total costs of the development will be €8000. We believe that by using PHsPeed, you can decrease your development time by at least 50%, but suppose this is 10%. Then your profit would be €800. The costs of a license in the first year are around €300, the next year even lower. The ROI is less than a month. That's why we don't offer huge discounts. (In US and EU the hour rates are much higher, causing even a better ROI).