Component based, RAD, PHP application generator.

Create full responsive web applications with a minimum of PHP code, loaded with components for (database aware) grids, forms, charts, pdf files and much more!

PHsPeed is a new product under full development. It's current status is beta and only accessible for a select group of beta testers and end-users. Please feel free to look around and come back any time to follow progress. If you like to be kept informed once we will release this product then send an email to support at Until now pricing is not yet available but will be similar products. We expect to release at the end of this year.

What is PHsPeed?


PHsPeed is a rich RAD and visual component based development system for web-based PHP applications.It contains loads of components for creating your layout, menu's, edit fields, grids, graphs etc. By using a component based approach, PHsPeed hides complex things like Ajax in components and releases it's power by simply using PHP. If you need to change a field label by Ajax? You don't have to write javascript, you just change the propery in PHP and all is done for you. To enhance development speed even further the system can generate basic Crud and grid applications based upon a database table.

Codeless or Low code platform?

With PHsPeed you can create PHP applications with a minimum of coding. There are platforms that promises that you can create applications, including business rules, without programming and that you don't need to be a programmer to work with that. That sounds too good to be true? It is. You always need to define your requirements in some way, and you will soon hit the limits of codeless solutions. With PHsPeed you can limit the amount of coding to a very low minimum, and if you have a bit of feeling about programming then the PHP you need is easy to learn. Javascript, HTML and CSS is almost out of sight and is only required if you need very specialized tasks. If you have some joy and interest in programming but are not very experienced, then PHsPeed is for you. If you are a solid developer and need all the whisles and bells that PHP, css and javascript has to offer? PHsPeed is for you. We encourage you to look at the video's and samples to decide for yourself.

Example 1, Basic principles

This video's shows a basic example of the IDE and how you can layout and create a code-less application. It shows the use of a Panel (Card), panel header, rows and columns (as PHsPeed uses the Bootstrap grid model), and some features of the IDE. This video is a 'must-see' as all other videos assume that you know these basics.

Example 2, Simple logon form

This video shows how to create a simple form with edit fields that can be submitted. Still no code necessary. It assumes that you have seen and understand the hello world example. Added features are the use of 'required' fields, password fields, bulk edit layout (to change the same property to multiple components).

Other examples

Other video examples can be found on our video page

You can look at some sample applications following the links below. The generated applications are based upon Bootstrap (mobile first!), PDO (database independent), JQuery and Ajax. Applications are easily embedded within a CMS like this one, and of course stand alone. To get an idea of the capabilities you can look at the samples from your mobile device and / or desktop.
Curious about the capabilities and performance? The following links are basic samples based upon the MySQL open source database. This database contains over 350.000 persons and over 3.500.000 salary records. The samples are hosted on a shared standard hosting, so they should also give you a good impression about the performance. The servers are hosted in Europe. Please feel free to view the samples on various devices.

Embedded samples
Basic component samples Database samples

Stand alone samples

Basic component samples Database samples


PHP 7.4

PHP 7.4 will be released at the end of this year. We plan to support this P ...
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End of support PHP 5.6

We decided to end support for PHP 5.6. It will still work as long as you do ...
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Updated sample applications, check it out!

We have updated the samples. Want to see how phspeed applications looks lik ...
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We do our best to prevent all kind of security issues like XSS. However, th ...
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The download link below will download the installer for Windows and license manager of PHsPeed. If you have issues while installing, then please look at the instruction video. PLEASE NOTE: Currently this installer can only be used by our beta test team, and invited people. If you do not belong to one of these groups, then you can't install it.
Important! Aducom Software digitally signs all executables and MSI file. If your files are not digitally signed, then please do not install.

Please verify that you are running the installer version 3.1.A. or higher. Due to browser cashing we have noticed that if you have downloaded the installer previously, you could end up with an old version of the file. 

Download installer for Windows

The PHsPeed modified Xampp package will be downloaded by clicking the link below. This package is under the same license as Xampp. It is integrated into the package above but can be downloaded as a separate package to comply to its license.

Download PHsPeed Xampp