• After 'private' changes which were kept under the beta test, we now restart the release notes as the upcoming versions will be available to the full team working on the test. To avoid misunderstanding, PHsPeed is NOT YET available to the public. If you are not taking part in the beta test, as part of the test team, or invited, you CANNOT install PHsPeed yet. We do our best to make a public version as soon as possible, but that could take a few months.

    Release notes

    • Full 64 bits version of the IDE, version control and Xampp package. 32 bits is NO longer supported


    • Graphical function to create SQL statements
    • Property editor for typography that also shows a preview
    • Property editor for global styles that also shows a preview
    • Support for 7.3
    • Upgraded chromium to the latest version
    • Upgraded embedded JavaScript debugger
    • Upgraded bootstrap to 4.3
    • Upgraded used component libraries to version
    • Configurable template editor added
    • Removing client and/or server event can now clean function prototype
    • Version control can restore most recent backup version in one step
    • Version control can compare source codes and show differences


    • DBGrid: new properties: SelectedRowFGClass en SelectedRowBGClass for defining colors of the selected rows.
    • DBGrid: new properties: Sortname and sort order for initial sort
    • DBGrid: new property: application link for links under custom images.
    • DBGrid: subpropertylist now sorted
    • (DB)Label new property: labelTypography for setting text properties of the label
    • (DB)Label: new property: textTypography for setting text properties of the text value
    • PanelHeader: new property: for setting text properties of the title
    • Panel: padding: property for defining outside spacing
    • Root: new property: layout for applying a configurable template
    • Root: removed: header/footer and body properties. Are now configured within the layout property


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