• As of now, we will announce our new releases on our forum again. It might look like nothing has happened, but we assure you that a lot of development has taken place. 
    In this release:


    • We implemented a first version of the pdf component based upon TCPDF. It contains basic functionality for now, but we will enhance with more advanced TCPDF features soon. Current implementation gives access to all features though through a passed parameter.
    • We implemented a WYSIWYG bootstrap editor component, based upon summernote.
    • We made changes in the object structure and cleaning up unused properties. We maintained compatibility, but you need to regenerate your project(s).
    • Fixed checkbox class which caused a wrong alignment.
    • Enhanced: we implemented bootstrap types for border color and border radius
    • Fixed: we fixed the style editor that was broken
    • Improved: we added properties for border color, borderline type to the style editor.
    • Fix: creating new project now defaults to bootstrap 4
    • Leaving the 'create project' option without a previous project selected does not generate an error any more.
    • Generating initial project now complies to the selected bootstrap version. 


    • We implemented copy/cut and paste function in the component designer panel. Shortcuts are ^X, ^C, and ^V
    • We made further enhancements to the debugging facilities.


    • We are still working hard to get the documentation up to date. Currently, there is still a lot to do.


    • Upgraded to version 3.0 G:
      • It now allows to download and install the binaries, libraries, and components separately. This way you don't have to re-install fully if something goes wrong.

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